Want the secret to a rich, thick, green lawn next spring?  Surprisingly enough, the answer is to take care of it this fall so that next spring it wakes up from its dormancy period ready to go with all the right nutrients, energy and food it needs!  Fall is a great time to take care of your yard and lawn so that you can enjoy it again next year.  While you may not want to see summer go just yet, that hot, dry season has probably caused some damage due to weather conditions and overuse.  Let’s discuss some ways that you can care for your lawn this fall to help repair any damage your fun summer may have brought as well as give the lawn a boost to make it through a cold, harsh winter.

Here are some fall lawn care tips to get you started . . .

  1. Rake – A thorough raking can get the thatch out of the lawn that has had a chance to build up.  Look for moss that may have also had a chance to grow and treat with a herbicide.  Take to a lawn care professional like Brookwood to discuss the problem.
  2. Aerate – Use a rented aerator or buy a hand held aerator to poke holes in your lawn.  This will allow for oxygen, nutrients and water to get down to the roots.  The roots can store food and energy during the long winter for use in the spring.
  3. Clear the lawn – Get ready for winter by removing leaves and debris from corners of the lawn.  Grass that is covered over does not have access to sunlight.  That lack of sunlight will cause it to die.
  4. Power seeding – Fall is a great time to power seed to fill in areas that are brown or have thinned out due to overuse this past summer. This will increase the density and overall healthy look of the grass.
  5. Fertilizing – Fall is an optimal time to use a winterizing fertilizer that has slow release formula.  Check out our next bog on Fertilizing.
  6. Equipment – Start cleaning off all lawn equipment and getting it ready for the winter.  Read our blog next month that will help you prepare your tools and equipment for the winter season.