Just like clockwork every fall the leaves give all of us in the northeast a spectacular show of color.  While this burst of color comes with refreshing crisp air it also comes with a “To Do” List for the yard and garden.  To help you get organized and complete your garden and lawn chores here is a  check list for fall clean up.

  1. Rake – Clean up all of those beautiful leaves and dig up the thatch that has built up.
  2. Clean out the garden – remove annuals and debris.
  3. Mowing and watering – Mow shorter in the fall especially the closer it gets to winter.  Water as needed.  The roots will thank you as they will need nourishment to get through the winter.
  4. Have the soil tested.
  5. Aerate to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots.
  6. If this is the time you fertilize be sure to use a slow release fertilizer.
  7. Mulch and Compost – insulate garden beds as well as add much needed nutrients to the soil.
  8. Stack wood and order if needed.
  9. Put away patio furniture/fire pits and close water features.
  10. Clean grill and sweep the patio.
  11. Trim bushes and provide wrapping and protection for delicate bushes. Prune trees after they have gone dormant.
  12. Clean and put all garden tools away for the winter.
  13. Have lawn mower serviced and cleaned.
  14. Repair any fencing or patio stones as needed.
  15. Buy bird seed for the winter.